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PHIL 5400/6400
Weekly assignments:

  1. Aug. 24 (for those of you who have already taken a class from me, who know what these outline assignments -- not the same as microcommentary assignments! -- are supposed to look like, and who want to get an early start): Strawson, Individuals, para. bridging pp. 95-96, starting "The second of these views I call the 'no-ownership' or 'no-subject' doctrine..."
  2. Aug. 31: Either Parfit, Reasons and Persons, sec. 83; or Williams, "Imagination and the Self," near the top of Problems of the Self, p. 40, from "Schlick famously claimed..." to the end of the paragraph.
  3. Sept. 7: Either Parfit, Reasons and Persons, sec. 86 ("The Combined Spectrum"), up to the second break on p. 239 ("...a strong argument for this view"); or Williams, "Persons, Character and Morality," from "many moral notions show" (on p. 7) to "what Parfit calls the Simple View" (on p. 8).
  4. Sept. 14: Either Parfit, Reasons and Persons, sec. 67 ("Why We Should Not Be Biased Toward The Future"; you'll want to strip out some of the back and forth around Epicurus), or sec. 64 ("Past and Future Suffering").
  5. Sept. 21: Either Nagel, Possibility of Altruism, p. 42, the para. starting "Thirdly...", or the first three paras. of ch. VIII, sec. 5 (pp. 68f, starting "It should be possible..." through "...from one's temporally extended self").
  6. Sept. 28: Either Strawson, Individuals, pp. 27f, para. starting "But one who makes this objection...", up to "...items in the spatio-temporal framework," or p. 32, para. starting "Why are criteria...".
  7. Oct. 5: Either Strawson, Individuals, p. 104, top, from "Let me rehearse briefly..." up to "...and corporeal characteristics," or pp. 105f, para. starting "What then are the consequences...".

  8. After this point, it's two-part weekly assignments, as described on the syllabus.

  9. Oct. 12: Extra bonus assignment! Lear, Love and Its Place in Nature, either p. 7, from "How could we recognize..." to "...a form of mental functioning", or pp. 9f, from "if the task of psychoanalysis is..." to "...rendering it into that form."
  10. Oct. 19: Lear, Love and Its Place in Nature, either p. 34, from "Indeed, if one asks ..." to "...alternative to the discharge model", or p. 44, first full para., from "There was, however..." to "...stability of a symptom."
  11. Oct. 26: Lear, Love and Its Place in Nature, either pp. 169-170, from "In its most general terms..." to "...identify with the love-object" and then on the next page, from "So the process of psychic organization..." to "...organization is achieved," or p. 177, first full para. of sec IV, from "For Freud..." to "...complexity and refinement."