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Utah Philosophy has traditionally sorted its reading groups under two titles: TIP (for "Thoroughly Imprecise Philosophy") and MOLE (for "More or Less Exact Philosophy").

Over the course of Sept.-Oct. 2013, MOLE will read its way through Ladyman and Ross, Every Thing Must Go.

We'll meet Mondays 4:00-5:30 at Nobrow, starting Sept. 9; contact Elijah Millgram for more information.

  1. Sept. 9: Ladyman and Ross, ch. 1.
  2. Sept. 16: Ladyman and Ross, ch. 2. What those limits look like, courtesy of SMBC.
  3. Sept. 23: Ladyman and Ross, ch. 3; unless you have a pretty robust physics background, just read pp. 130-132 (to section break), 154-167, 172 (from top of page) to 175 (at end of section), 178 (from first full para., "One question that Wallace...") to 179 (end first full para., "...everything else exists"), 180-189. You might skim pp. 167-170... we can use it as a sample of a lot of what's in the chapter, and we'll talk about what it's doing there.

    And in case you're interested in a clear explanation of one of the topics L&R mention, here's what you need of EPR and Bell's Theorem.

  4. Sept. 30: Ladyman and Ross, ch. 4.
  5. Oct. 7: Ladyman and Ross, chs. 5-6. (Ch. 6 is the conclusion, which is short -- this is the final session.) The bad news: we've burned through the coffee fund, so the last cup of coffee is on you.

The group is very grateful for support on the part of the Tanner Humanities Center.

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