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Utah Philosophy has traditionally sorted its reading groups under two titles: TIP (for "Thoroughly Imprecise Philosophy") and MOLE (for "More or Less Exact Philosophy").

Over the course of May-June 2016, MOLE will read its way through Jenann Ismael's How Physics Makes Us Free.

Wednesdays 5:30-7:00, at Cafe Madsen (the business school cafe, 5th floor); contact me for more information.

  1. May 11: Chs. 1-2 ("What Am I?"; "The Rise of the Self-Governor").
  2. May 18: Ch. 3 plus the "Appendix for the Slackers" (pp. 40-82).
  3. May 25: Chs. 4-5 ("How Can I Be Free if My Actions Are Determined by Physical Laws?"; "How Can I Be Free if My Actions Are Caused by Things Outside My Control?").
  4. June 1: Chs. 6-7 ("The Open Future"; "The Paradox of Predictability").
  5. June 8: Chs. 8-9 ("Fatalism"; "Self-Constitution") plus the Postscript.

The group is very grateful for support on the part of the Tanner Humanities Center.

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