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Senior Seminar: Values and Defeaters
PHIL 4010

Required textbooks:

Optional textbooks:

Additional readings will be made available through the Marriott Library reserve desk. (See Marriott's Course Reserve How to Guide for an intro to using the library reserves.) For best results with JSTOR, either click on a JSTOR link while you're on-campus or click through to the journal from the Marriott catalog, log in, and search JSTOR for the item.

Reading Assignments:

  1. Aug. 22: Introduction: Values, Bounded Rationality, Defeasibility. Optional prereading: Lenman,"Consequentialism and Cluelessness," Philosophy and Public Affairs 29(4), Fall 2000: 342-370. (JSTOR can be accessed on-campus, or by logging onto a library proxy server.) See also XKCD's Map of Optimal Tic-Tac-Toe Moves.

  2. Aug. 29: Getting to Know Bounded Rationality. Reading (tentative): Herbert Simon, "A Behavioral Model of Rational Choice" (ch. 14 in his Models of Man); Gerd Gigerenzer, "Can Ignorance Beat the Stock Market?" (ch. 3 in his Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart); Jonathan Bendor et al., "A Behavioral Model of Turnout," American Political Science Review 97(2), May 2003: 261-280.

    Optional reading: John Conlisk, "Why Bounded Rationality?" Journal of Economic Literature 34 (June 1996): 669-700; Cliff Landesman, "When to Terminate a Charitable Trust?" Analysis 55(1), Jan 1995: 12-13.