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Ludwig Wittgenstein by tresnormale.com

Wittgenstein has been enormously influential -- as indicated by the way variations on the phrase "as Wittgenstein has taught us" have become a motif of recent philosophical writing. But there is very little agreement on what his views were. We will take a close look for ourselves, reading materials from his early, middle and late periods. The primary objective of the class is to make Wittgenstein's notoriously difficult texts readable.

PHIL 5192/5193/6193
Fall 2014
Time: MWF 12:55-1:45
Location: CTIHB 459

Which course number should I sign up for? If you're an undergrad, and you intend to use this class to satisfy your Area 2 (Metaphysics and Epistemology) distribution requirement for the philosophy major, register for PHIL 5192. If you intend to use it to satisfy your Area 1 (History) requirement, sign up for PHIL 5193. (Assignments will be configured appropriately.) If you're a grad student, register for PHIL 6193.